HCHC Welcomes Four New Staff Members in 2019

Four new Hollywood Community Housing staff members

HCHC’s new staff members, left to right: Riddhi Chakraborty, Neslie Akkol, Adrian Wong and Carol Dominguez. 

HCHC’s new Housing Development Specialist Riddhi Chakraborty joined us in February 2019. Riddhi holds two Master’s degrees including Master of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and Master of Architecture from New Delhi University. She has a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree from Jadavpur University. Before joining HCHC, Riddhi worked as an analyst for HR&A Advisors, where she delivered complex real estate and economic development projects under tight deadlines.

Our new Director of Development Neslie Akkol joined HCHC in July. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications from Istanbul University and earned her Master’s degree in Marketing at Cal State San Bernardino. Before joining Hollywood Community Housing, she held leadership positions at various nonprofit agencies such as Good Shepherd Shelter and Counseling4Kids overseeing their fundraising and development activities. 

HCHC’s new Front Office Coordinator Adrian Wong has been with us since August. He held administrative assistant and hospitality intern positions at different companies including Sheraton Los Angeles, Epoch Network and Riviera Country Club. He has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Cal State Polytechnic University. 

Carol Dominguez, our new Senior Accountant, is the most recent addition to HCHC staff. She joined our agency in November and has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Vasco de Quiroga in Mexico. Prior to joining our agency, Carol worked as a Senior Accountant for the Skid Row Housing Trust’s real estate development department.