Meet HCHC Resident, Franklin

Franklin, a Hollywood Housing resident

One thing is certain among our HCH residents, most if not all have found a way to share their stories in a big way and Franklin is a perfect example of this.

Franklin has been a resident of the HCH property Casa Verde for the past 10 years. During this span of time, Franklin has found ways to share his life experience by serving as a facilitator for the Gay and Lesbian Center, where he conducted support groups on homelessness, mental health and people living with HIV/AIDS.

It was at the center where he realized his calling of being the shoulder others could lean on by sharing the experiences he had already lived through. Franklin found that he could be the light that others needed to pull through during their darkest hours.

Franklin has recently landed a publishing deal and is currently in the process of writing a guidebook on how to navigate the system while being homeless as well as sharing stories about his own journey, in the hope of inspiring others along the way.