Housing Development

Since its inception, HCHC has developed 32 properties that house over 2,500 people in 1,153 units of safe, attractive and centrally located affordable housing.

Residents of HCHC properties have extremely low- to low-incomes, typically earning below 60% of the area median income. Over 30% of HCHC's housing units are designated for special needs individuals and their families and/or formerly homeless individuals. Two of HCHC's buildings serve only seniors, one specifically for seniors with special needs. HCHC originally focused its development efforts in Hollywood but has since branched out to other communities in Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica, Del Rey, South Los Angeles, Venice, the San Fernando Valley, the City of El Monte and unincorporated Los Angeles County.

Asset Management

HCHC’s Asset Management Department develops and implements strategies to ensure the long-term health of our properties for the benefit of our residents.

The department monitors the lease-up process of new buildings, supervises property management operations, analyzes financial performance, imposes control over property maintenance, mediates resident grievances, and works with the Housing Development Department on design considerations for new buildings. The Asset Management team actively seeks out ways to lower operating expenses, primarily through green initiatives and energy savings programs. Through good fiscal planning and appropriate staffing, HCHC makes every effort to keep its buildings looking as clean and attractive as the day they opened.

Replacement Reserves for Major Repairs (roof, structure)

Operating Reserves for maintaining economic viability of the building

Professional Landscaping

Property Tax Exemption (each building is responsible for a special and direct annual assessment)

Common Area Cleaning Crew

Utility Allowances

Supportive Services

HCHC's Supportive Services program provides care coordination, referral, and linkage to resources, crisis intervention, a food pantry, ESL classes, GED instruction, group/individual therapy, a literacy program, and life-skills classes.

At HCHC we recognize the research that shows that people who live in publicly subsidized housing and/or have experienced periods of homelessness have much higher rates of trauma when compared to the general population. We, therefore, commit to developing safe, affordable housing units for residents. As a part of this commitment, we intend to use our best efforts to create and provide trauma-informed programs staffed by a trauma-informed workforce that strives to create physical and emotional safety, safe coping skills as well as promote the ability for residents to connect safely with HCHC staff, on-site resident managers and others involved in their lives.


Food Pantry available to all residents and the community at large

No cost afterschool programs, and tutoring services

Life Skill Classes

Family Services - parenting classes, cultural and youth activities

Get Housing

Since the need for housing outweighs the availability, HCHC maintains an active list of applicants on its waiting list.

If you are interested in adding your name to a waiting list, please choose from the following options:

Go to our Properties page. Then click on the property you are interested in and contact the resident manager by phone or email.
Download our current list of available HCHC properties. Contact the resident manager by phone or email.

For more information on affordable housing units throughout Los Angeles County, please visit socialserve.com.

*While HCHC properties may be listed on this site, we are not affiliated with this organization.