Partner Highlight

Alex in front of a construction site

HCH is proud to partner with companies like Walton Construction for their dedication in ensuring they are hiring within the communities they serve. Here is Alex’s Story…

Growing up in the heart of Los Angeles on Crenshaw Boulevard and 48th Street, a chance encounter would change the path of Alex’s life forever. 
“One day I happened to be walking to the store, I was about 19 years old and I saw a construction site and walked in.”This moment of curiosity led Alex to a face to face meeting with the President of Walton Construction, Tom Gibson to ask for a job. 

“I asked if I could work for him”, to which Tom replied “possibly, it is your neighborhood.” Fast track 19-20 years into the future, Alex has paid his dues. He is currently settled into the position as the Assistant Superintendent for Walton Construction. 

“I started as a laborer, lifting, picking up, cleaning, I learned the ins and outs of the jobs, I was willing to learn.” Expressing a debt of gratitude toward the man who “took him under his wing,” there is no shortage of appreciation for the opportunity and guidance he received. 

“I have never experienced a company like Walton , it’s a unique design, it is a family, it’s structured. If I have a problem, I can call Tom and have a conversation, I thank God when I look back, he was doing for a lot of us and you don’t meet people like that too often.” 

Being a member of the Walton team has allowed Alex to contribute to his community in a big way, among one close to his heart, the Florence Mills Apartment complex, that will bring much needed affordable housing units to the neighborhood. “Anytime your community is being lifted up, it brings a sense of relief.”

During Alex’s life, he has always valued the importance of self reflection and pride in the evolution of his journey.  “Living out here, it’s all about survival, but life has changed, I have a new perspective in life, I have a new life. What’s around you does not define you, it all comes from within.”